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Whether you require legal services for yourself, your family or your business, we can help. At Jagdev Legal, we are specialists in a wide variety of legal matters, both professional and personal, providing straightforward advice and expert support exactly where you need it.


Family Law

Whether you’re planning on getting married, in the middle of a separation, or you’re experiencing family matters that are a little more complicated, we want to know about it. Our team will be at your side through the good times and the bad.


Moving Home

When it comes to buying or selling a property, we know your main concern is moving house as quickly and as smoothly as possible. We can advise and support you throughout the entire conveyancing process, looking out for your best interests at every step.



Whether you need to bring court actions against someone else or someone is claiming against you, we can help. Whatever your circumstance, our team is here to help legally resolve matters as swiftly and effectively as possible.


Corporate & Business

We understand the challenges of running a successful business. Whatever stage your business is at, we can provide straightforward legal advice and support, enabling you to focus on your plans for corporate and commercial growth.


Personal Injury & Medical Negligence

If you’ve suffered an accident that wasn’t your fault, or an injury or illness as a result of medical negligence, then we want to know about it. We can offer advice on whether or not you are eligible to claim for compensation.


Wills & Probate

Whether you’re thinking about your own succession plan, or you find yourself the executor of an estate, it’s important to get proper legal guidance and support. We can help you prepare a Will, arrange a Lasting Power of Attorney and guide you through the probate process, ensuring expressed wishes are faithfully and fairly carried out.


Criminal Law

If you are accused of a crime, it’s important to have the right people at your side. Our experienced, professional and highly qualified team can give advice and support, providing you with legal representation crucial to the outcome of your case.

Manjeet Kaur Kundhi

Manjeet Kaur Kundhi


Harjit Singh Jagdev (Harry)

Harjit Singh Jagdev (Harry)


Joy Elson-Young

Joy Elson-Young


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Choosing a lawyer is an important decision. Our lawyers are extremely experienced, but approachable.

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