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Balraj Singh Jagdev


Balraj embarked on his academic journey at Keele University, where he studied Law with a focus on Human Resource Management. His path led him to a well-established firm in Birmingham, where he honed his skills and eventually qualified as a solicitor.

Today, Balraj boasts a versatile legal practice that centres on family litigation, holding the esteemed Law Society Family Accreditation. His expertise extends to civil disputes as well. In family law, Balraj excels in resolving financial, children, and domestic abuse disputes arising from divorce or separation. He possesses knowledge concerning international aspects of family law relating to the United Arab Emirates, England, and Wales.

Balraj’s work encompasses a variety of legal areas. He has a keen interest in cases involving disputes arising from Wills, Probate, and the Administration of Estates. Additionally, his involvement extends to cases where capacity becomes a concern, necessitating applications in the Court of Protection.

Balraj’s commitment to growth is evident through his academic and practical pursuits. He has completed the academic stage of the Family Mediation Course with National Family Mediation, showcasing his dedication to facilitating resolutions. Currently, as the Managing Director, Balraj holds supervisory responsibility across various practice areas. Under his leadership, the practice has successfully navigated significant transformations over the past three years. Balraj’s forward-thinking approach is further demonstrated by his completion of the Growth Course at Aston University in 2021/2022, which positions the practice at the forefront of the evolving professional services landscape.

Balraj’s journey is a testament to his dedication, adaptability, and quest for excellence. His multifaceted expertise and leadership make him an invaluable asset to our team.

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