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Jagdev secures £14,000 settlement — Personal Injury case study

After slipping on diesel at a petrol station forecourt and injuring her ankle, the client approached Jagdev Legal in search of legal advice and guidance on what she should do next. After consulting with the client, examining the details of her accident, we believed she was entitled to financial compensation, and our Personal Injury solicitors took on the case on a “no-win-no-fee” basis.

Liability was never initially admitted — which meant our client required the support of our legal team to arrange correspondence and eventually get the defendant’s insurer to accept blame.

Medical examination

We immediately requested an expert medical examination when our client began experiencing considerable pain and discomfort in her other ankle. The diagnosis revealed our client was having problems with the other ankle because she was compensating for the inability to put pressure on the ankle she had initially injured. 

With a diagnosis in place, our client received the proper treatment necessary for a speedy recovery.

£14,000 settlement

In conjunction with making sure our client received proper medical treatment, our Personal Injury solicitors issued proceedings and the defendant finally settled on a sum of £14,000 damages. Our client was happy and did not have to pay any legal fees, save for a small contribution from her settlement.

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