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Legal matters are important and everybody should have access to the right advice, guidance and representation when they need it. Jagdev Legal was founded upon this very idea more than 30 years ago — and even though our methods, expertise and knowledge have evolved throughout the decades, our principal focus remains largely the same.

Today we are a full-service legal firm with SRA status. Our experts and solicitors strive to set the highest professional standards, serving our clients and the wider communities with honest, decisive and solution-orientated legal services at times when only the best will do.

Our Mission

To facilitate individual and business growth, strength and defence in times of difficulty. We believe our clients deserve legal advice which is affordable, accessible and tailored to their needs.
It is our aim to provide the highest standards of service while maintaining confidentiality.

Our Vision

Our aim is to offer best-in-market legal services, which are bespoke and standardised, so we can better serve our clients’ needs. We use technology to automate standard legal processes, where possible, and empower the public to navigate these processes.

Our Values

   Honesty – Independence – Integrity
It is our duty to provide each and every one of our clients with a feeling of trust. As such, we are committed to honesty, independence, and integrity at all times. We work in close cooperation with you to secure solutions that deliver fairness and justice for everyone involved. Additionally, we strive for equality and aim to recognise each client’s needs.


As a licensed solicitors practice, we are proudly regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority). This means we have satisfied rigorous criteria relating to professional qualifications, technical expertise and good ethical practice. Most importantly, it means you can be confident in our services and exemplary levels of client care.

Our History

We have a record of helping the community.



Designated as the international Year of Peace. In that year, Harjit Singh Jagdev Qualified as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales at the well-known practice of Young & Lee.


Black Monday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has the largest daily percentage drop in US stock market history.


The Berlin Wall comes down.


Nelson Mandela is released from prison after 27 years. 
Margaret Thatcher resigns as prime minister.


Bill Clinton is elected as the 42nd President of the United States. 
John Major re-elected as prime minister.


O.J. Simpson is detained after running from police in the infamous white Bronco chase.


Diana dies in car accident. 
Tony Blair wins landslide election victory.


Y2K scare.

Harjit begins his own legal practice in Birmingham later amalgamating with another practice.


George Bush is reelected.


The World Trade Centre attacks of September 11th


Gordon Brown succeeds Tony Blair as prime minister and labour leader.


President Obama becomes the first black president of the United states. The government part-nationalises three leading UK banks with a 37 billion pound rescue package.


General election :conservative Party wind most seats but fails to gain an absolute majority.  Conservative leader David Cameron  heads first post-war coalition with the third-placed liberal Democrats.


Balraj qualifies as a solicitor of the senior courts of England & Wales.


David Cameron proposes a referendum on whether to leave the European Union after the next election.


Political crisis after voters in a referendum opt to quit the European Union. David Cameron resigns, succeeded as prime minister by his home secretary, Theresa May.

Jagdev Legal in its current form begins trading.


Jagdev Legal are contracted with the Legal Aid Agency to act in Criminal Law cases.


Jagdev Legal are contracted with the Legal Aid Agency to act on Family Law cases.


Boris Johnson wins convincing majority in a snap general election after succeeding Therea May as prime minister in July.  Britain leaves the European Union the following month.

Jagdev Legal obtain the Conveyancing Quality Solicitors accreditation and allowing it to become panel solicitors for Mortgage companies such as Virgin and Santander.



Countries across the globe lockdown to stop the spread of the Corona Virus, causing economic chaos and hardship for millions of individuals and businesses.

Balraj Singh Jagdev

Balraj Singh Jagdev


Harjit Singh Jagdev (Harry)

Harjit Singh Jagdev (Harry)


Joy Elson-Young

Joy Elson-Young


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